Food Platters

Sandwich Tray:

A selection of our delicious wraps, cut, papered and garnished w/fresh fruit.  $1.95 each (15 pieces minimum)

Carver Watermelon:

Beautifully carved as a basket with a large variety of ripened fruit $45.00

Fruit Bowls:

Assorted melons, and berries (About 10 cups) $19.96

Garden Salad:

Assorted greens and vegetables, your choice of dressings (for 6-8) $16-00

Caesar Salad:

Crisp romaine shredded Parmesan, croutons for (6-8) $16,00 w/Chicken $19.00

Potato Cucumber Salad: Seasonal

An old German recipe, new potatoes, cucumbers, celery, red onions, parsley and dressing. for individual (1-2) $4.50   (6-8) $18.95

Brazilian Style Potato Salad: Seasonal

A wonderful South American recipe, rotini primavera pasta with sauteed red, yellow, and orange peppers, zucchini, scallions, grape and cherry tomatoes, with olive oil, mustard, salt, and dressing, for (8-10) $18.95 individual for (1-2) $4.50


We can help make your next party much more fun! We offer a variety of platters from food to treats. Everything we sell is made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives or stabilizers.

Our Freshly Frozen meals are great for appitizers or the main course.

pastrieplattersm.jpgPastry Trays Selection

Mini Fruit Tarts
Caramel Cream Puffs
Chocolate Rhapsody
Mini Carrot Cakes
Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Small (about 2 dozen) $25.00
Large (about 3.5 dozen) $39.00